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Packing Boxes

It is the wish of everyone who is moving out to new place to have all their property delivered safely to their new destination. It is thus important to get tough boxes that will protect your items. This ensures that the contents of the boxes remain intact even if these boxes were to be stack on top of each other. Quality fragile items are highly recommended that they be packed in these boxes before they are loaded for movement. These items include computers, utensils, electronics and antique pieces of furniture.

It is important to choose the right size of the boxes to transport your furniture. At KMFC Removalists Sidney we have a wide range of furniture sizes from small, medium, large to extra-large ones. There are also of different shapes to fit objects such as flat screen televisions, lamps, picture frames, glassware and wardrobe boxes that will allow you to hang clothes on transit.

We are experienced in this business and if you leave the packing to us, we guarantee you that the right size of boxes are used. The heaviest items are often placed in small or medium boxes to make it easier to carry the box. By putting the heavier items in the smaller boxes, it will generally make the box lighter and easier to carry. The medium sized ones are good for storing toys, kitchen item and stereo equipment while the largest boxes are more suitable for carrying things such as computers, blankets, pillows, sheets and large electronic items. They are excellent for carrying light but bulky items.

We provide wardrobe boxes for hanging clothing the same way as you could in your closet. You will not want to have your favorite piece of clothing to be creased or damaged in the course of moving the items hence very important to use this type of boxes. Dish boxes are also available to pack those expensive yet delicate cutlery. They are double walled with cushioned to prevent glasses, plates and dishes from breaking.

For offices items, we offer specially designed boxes that can be sealed so as to protect your confidential documents and can only be opened upon delivery. These boxes are designed to hold letter sized documents. For any queries about the packing boxes on offer, call or email us.