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Office Movers

Moving from your old office to a new one can be such a difficult job. Your office still needs the normal day to day operations to continue and keep your confidential documents safe from prying eyes when you are moving out. After all your clients would still be looking forward to your services, not forgetting that you also have tasks to perform/complete. It is nearly impossible to shut down your daily office routine and for this reason it is critical to think of a way to move equipment such as computers, furniture, confidential records and other materials.

You might have problems planning your relocation beforehand since this might take a lot of your time and effort even before the actual movement. At KMFC Removalists Sidney, we ensure that this plans of moving out your furniture, equipment and furniture are executed professionally. Our team of trusted professionals will also ensure that your confidential documents are handled with care to maintain their privacy unlike incidences where you leave such duties to unprofessional companies.

Before the actual movement of your office property, we give you the mandate to take a thorough inventory of your records and countercheck against them upon their delivery in your new office. This helps you to keep track of the records you want to move, those you want to destroy and those whose security must be given high priority.

We employ a secure chain of custody to ensure your confidential documents are kept safe. This is a series of security checks that include using seals to close your records, limiting access of the records to one employee so that they can be liable if the information leaks, following secure regulatory compliance requirements and other meticulous tracking procedures. You might think that your information is in good hands when on your employees’ hands, but the truth is that you will benefit a lot if you hire professional office movers like us. Some of our staff members are trained experts in record management which means that they are very trustworthy to give them the duty of planning and executing the actual movement of your office property.

At KMFC Removalists Sidney we are aware how much these documents are important to your company. We therefore ensure that they are moved safely. Call or email us to serve you.